SMS-transfer - SMS сервисы - File Catalog - Convenient SMS services for uCoz
To enable this service you need to:

1. Be a premium system user.
2. Have SMScoin account.
3. Have an active SMS key service (after moderation)

1. After you have accomplished the actions stated above, you may start setting SMS transfer at your website. To do so go to Control panel->Design management->User personal page.

The following codes are available for us here:


Condition that checks the possibility of user transfer from one group to the other. If user is in "Checked” group already, he wouldn't be able to use transfer feature.


Link to receive code via SMS, where ID isyour SMS key service ID. It is indicated in SMS coin Control panel (the first column).

2. Let's create a code for the payment link via SMS. It is extremely easy to accomplish, as the code is ready. All you need is to set up your ID:

<?if($_ALLOW_CHANGEGROUP$)?><a href="<?$SMS_PAYFORM$(230821)?>">(change group)</a><?endif?>

Embed this code into the template and save.

The payment link will look like this on the website (for "Users” group):

How does the transfer work?

1. Click "Change group” link. Select the country and the mobile network operator in the Ajax window that will appear.

2. In the reply SMS message you will receive the code, which has to be typed in field of that Ajax window. After you typed in the code and clicked "Continue”, the group changes automatically. The link for group changing will not be displayed in this user's profile any more.

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